Under Dawgs

from by Project 1804

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Verse 1 Fleurimond:
I been running this marathon, no finish line in sight,
But I must carry on, something's give tonight,
Let it be clear, cause everything's on the line,
For the last time, I-I'm

Underestimated with no more self esteem,
Throwing in the towel's not an option so it seems,
So now what?
Do you give up on your dreams,
Nope! Failure not an option,
Only choice... Succeed,
So now You backed against a wall, adversity standing tall,
It seems like your own family waiting for you to fall,
And friends don't speak,
You fall to your knees like please,
And it seems like even he can't be reached,
Well Under Dawg it's time for you to bark,
It's time for you to snarl, it's time to show some teeth,
Hell it's time to show the world your not so weak,
You'd rather die on your feet than living on your knees,
When Faith in yourself, is your only option,
You have no other choice, You must believe,
Finally a song for the lost,
Its been a long time coming an anthem for the underdogs

Hook JB:
Whoa Under!
(Repeat 6 times)

The Under Dawgs, The Under Dawgs,
One time everybody for the Under Dawgs,
The Under Dawgs, The Under Dawgs,
Hands up let's hear it for the Under Dawgs. (Repeat)
Don't Stop Running

Verse 2 Fleurimond:
Under rated, under achiever, sleeper
Unappreciated, the black sheep, a dreamer,
Walls closing in, 5 minutes please,
I'm begging for a breather,
No such luck,
No sleep for the weak, no light for the blind,
Gotta put in over time if you wanna shine,
So what this means to all under dogs,
no more looking down because there's only the climb,
Wipe the tears from your eyes,
The world is unkind, it devours and swallows the weak up alive,
This is the revolution, Under dogs salute,
No longer are we losers, it's our time to rise
Give'em hell,
Show you won't fade into the night,
With a defiant voice, say... "I AM ALIVE!"
With that said, the under dogs have finally arrived,

Verse 3 JB:
Close your eyes,
Take a look into forever,
It's fresh,
The Beginning of an Era,
The fuse to light the spark,
From your mind to your soul,
So the world could feel your heart.
My Under Dawgs,
Hold my hand why don't you walk with me,
I lend my ear to let you talk to me,
It's the changing of the game,
And on this wall we all write our name of fame,
Push Back
And if you rather kill,
Under Dawg front line of the battle field,
Yeah I know you like the thrill,
Hard work, Sweat, blood, and a lot of will,
They say this the year, of no fear,
It's the changing of the game,
And on this wall we all write our names of fame,
Cause We are Under Dawgs, we Under Dawgs,
Hands up everybody for the Under Dawgs.
The Under Dawgs, The Under Dawgs,
Don't Stop Running


from The Under Dawgs EP, released June 23, 2011
Produced By: CT on the Track
Written By: Jim Beauvais and Mike Fleurimond



all rights reserved


Project1804 Miami, Florida

Project1804 has been together now for over eight years. Wanting to separate themselves from the pack they decided to title themselves as a "Collective" in stead of a group. Touting their sound as "Hybrid Music" Project1804 marries elements of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock to form their unique sound. ... more

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